The art of looking at what is not obvious




As a child, I drove everyone crazy because I would not stop asking questions.  

Who knew that would be my superpower as a transformation expert?     

Curiosity, learning, creating, & impact.

I have worked across industries, roles, organization types, and subject matters; always drawn to new challenges and in pursuit of learning from the best.  

My consulting practice gives me the opportunity to embed in teams and amplify their efforts through my cross-disciplinary and inclusive framework. 

I take teams from vision, to strategy, to execution. 

I am currently serving on the U.S. Board of Wildlife Direct, just finished a ten-year run on the board of Iranian-American Community Center, and secretly squirrel away words to publish one day.  

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Of Interest 

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YouTube: Examining a Revolution



Transformation is a process.

Transformation is fed by curiosity.

Transformation is built on creativity.

Transformation requires trust. 

Transformation takes patience.